Friday, 9 November 2012

Autumn and Winter Season at the MCofS

It's the autumn and winter season again, so for all mountaineers it's the time to look forward to, and then actually enjoy snow covered mountains and fantastic views.  Lets hope we get a good winter season with plenty of crisp snow and clear views.  Anyway, autumn and winter is also the time to meet up indoors with like-minded people, be it at film festivals, club talks, safety lectures and so on.

This is an important time of year for the MCofS because this is when we give most of our safety related talks & put on our Winter Skills and Avalanche Awareness courses.  We therefore get out to meet the public on a number of occasions, whether it be at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival, Skills for the Hills talks or the ever popular Winter Safety Lectures.

I will be at a number of these events, so am looking forward to meeting a number of our existing members and hopefully some new members as well.

Communicating our winter safety message is a very important aspect of our work and whilst we never know when that work has prevented a mountain rescue incident, there can be no doubt that the more we are able to deliver that message to the widest possible audience, then the more likely it is that people will be better-informed and less likely to have incidents.

As well as communicating the safety message, which is Heather Morning's role, we also need to communicate the news of where and when the talks and courses will be happening, and that is where I come in.

The Courses and Events page on the MCofS website is the place where we list all of our courses and talks, but we use our website News section, our two e-newsletters, news releases and social media to point people towards our list of forthcoming events.

If you haven't already checked out our upcoming events then do take a look now.  I hope you can get along to one of our talks over the next few weeks and months, and look forward to meeting you if you are going to be attending.

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