Friday, 8 June 2012


If you're reading this you are probably already aware of the MCofS Searchable Blogs page.  We launched it on Monday 28th May and achieved widespread publicity. When I got into work yesterday (June 7th) I received our Web Stats for the month of May.  The Blogs page was the 7th most visited page in May.  Not bad for a page that had no publicity and just a handful of visitors until the 28th.

The Blogs page has been there for a couple of years, but until May 28th had just been a simple list of links to mountaineering related blogs.  What has brought it to life and made it worthy of promotion is the search facility.

I've had the vision for some time of being able to go onto the Blogs page and search the blogs listed on there for the name of a mountain, a crag, a climb, a person's name or even a piece of equipment.  By incorporating Google Custom Search onto the page it is now possible to do that, and it is great to see that visitors to the MCofS website have instantly recognised the value of this facility.

To achieve 7th place in our monthly list of most visited pages, when the page was only attracting visitors for the last 3.5 days of the month, is pretty impressive.  So, thank you to all those who covered the news of the Blogs page in their publications and everyone who has visited the page.  I hope you continue to use the page and find it useful into the future.

Just in case you haven't seen it, here is a link to the news release.

And just in case you haven't visited it yet, here is a link to the Blogs page.

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