Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I can't begin this blog by asking whether you've seen the recently upgraded MCofS website, because the very fact that you're reading this means you are on the MCofS website and therefore must have seen it.

So, now that you are on the MCofS site and found your way to my blog, what do you think to the changes we've made to the website? If you do want to answer that, I'm happy to receive feedback (+or-) via my e-mail address:

I just want to touch on three parts of the site that you might want to take a look at. Firstly the Members' Discounts pages. MCofS membership is a combination of supporting our good work in areas such as Access & Conservation, Safety & Training, and development of the sport; with opportunities to claim discounts that save you money every single time you flash your membership card. You don't have to try too hard to save more than your membership fee in the course of a year. Take a look at the list of businesses participating in our Discount Scheme, and keep checking back as we are constantly adding to the list.

The Blogs page is also worth a regular visit as well. We're trying to develop this into a place where visitors to the site will come to find out what other walkers, climbers and hillgoers, of all standards, are up to via their blogs. So far we have links to about 70 blogs, but in time we hope to add lots more as we become aware of other relevant bloggers that would be of interest to our visitors. If you have suggestions for other blogs that you think should be on this page, please send me a quick message to

The third area that is worth checking out is the Follow us on YouTube link. We have 5 videos on there at present and these clips, mainly from our Safety DVDs, have achieved over 52,000 visits, with in excess of 100 new visitors every day. In time we hope to post more videos on this page, so do keep looking in there.

Hopefully the new look to the website is playing its bit in creating a buzz around the MCofS. There really is lots happening at the moment and its a great time to be an MCofS member, so if you're not already a member take a look around the site and call in at the Join Us page.

Finally, and away from the website now, I did an interview with Dave Hewitt (editor of The Angry Corrie) a few days ago. Dave is writing for The Caledonian Mercury now and he wrote an article on my juggling of two part-time jobs at the MCofS and Scottish Canoe Association. Here's Dave's article if you want to see what he had to ask and what I had to say.

Until the next time; all the best and enjoy your sport. Mike

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